5 Unusual Ways to Make Extra Money

vfrIf you’re looking to find ways to make easy money, then you’re in the right place. Looking for new job or getting a raise at your existing one are not your only options when it comes to boosting your income. If you’re open to putting ads on your car or to being the next NASA test subject, then here are some out-of-the-box ideas for you.

Car advertisements:
You’ve probably seen a car with ads on it. You might even have wondered about it. I’m sure you sat there looking at the ads with curiosity or perhaps perhaps you thought it looked odd. But did you know that putting an ad on your car is the easiest way to earn a passive income? All you have to do is drive your car around like you would normally do, including going to work, dropping the kids off or going to the grocery store.

Depending on your driving habits, an advertiser can choose your car for their ads. You can make anywhere from $50 for a rear window decal to $400 for wrapping your entire car. The average length of

How to Choose a Financial Advisor

uhYou will never have a problem finding a financial advisor. The challenge, like looking for the right toothpaste brand or a shampoo, is deciding what kind of advisor to work with. You probably have stood in the grocery store on many occasions, wondering: Should I get the one that specializes in fighting enamel erosion or teeth whitening? Am I looking to tame my oily hair or give it a fuller body?

Most of us know our teeth and hair like the back of our hands. But deciphering what type of financial advisor to hire requires knowing something about money – and your personality – and understanding a slew of confusing terms.

It isn’t an impossible choice, of course. Plenty of people have picked financial advisers and lived to tell about it – but if you want a solid working relationship and one that helps you make smart financial decisions, and lots of money, it helps to understand what you’re getting into and why you’re even talking to an advisor in the first place.

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Financial Plans for the Young Rich and Famous

btActors, athletes and tech superstars with substantial incomes and the limelight cast upon them at a very young age (20s and early 30s) are often prone to lavish spending when those first big paychecks come rolling in. It’s hard to blame them, especially when many of us look back at our younger selves and concede that we were, perhaps, mildly irresponsible with how we spent our money. With time, we hope, comes maturity, perspective and the guidance of a sound financial plan.

There are countless stories of celebrity millionaires who earned enough in one year to be financially set for life, yet today find themselves with nothing. To avoid becoming a cautionary tale for the young, rich and famous, we often implement a simple “three-bucket financial plan.” We identify three periods of time, or three buckets in the newly-minted millionaire’s life, and divide their income/assets into thirds to be allocated to each bucket. This strategy allows our clients to enjoy the spoils of wealth responsibly.

Bucket 1: Luxury purchases. The first bucket allows for the fun and flashy items we associate with the rich. This usually leads

Bulding Credit For Bad Credit

When someone has a background marked by bad credit, chances are they will pay a much higher interest rate for an auto, contracts, et cetera. When applying for credit cards with poor credit, most likely your chance of getting approved is considerably less. Applying for cards that can increase your FICO score is the better choice.

The essential thing that you have to do is to get a credit card that is especially for poor FICO rating and when applying for any kind of card you must totally read the fine print.

Whether you are searching for a secured and an unsecured card which will depend on how poor your monetary record may be. With an interest rate that is situated high for bad credit with a set up charge and a yearly annual fee displayed in the fine print. Along these lines, this card will cost all things considered about $100 consistently and when you compare the two cards secured and unsecured which card is ideal for you.

While there may not be a wide choice of cards, you may find them however to give off an impression of being the same however they are definitely not. They can reconstruct your credit

All You Need to Know About Debt Funding

Debt funding involves borrowing money from an investor or lender, knowing that it has to be repaid in future, along with the interest. Usually, debt funding does not incorporate any provision for ownership of the firm. Rather, small businesses that choose to go for debt funding accept a direct obligation to repay the money within stipulated period of time. The interest rate that is charged on borrowed money represents risk level that the lenders take by lending funds. Say for instance, a lender might charge relatively higher interest rate from a startup company as compared to the one that has been generating profit for several years.

Although there are multitude of ways for small businesses for debt funding, including convertible debentures, private placement of bonds, industrial development bonds as well as leveraged bonds, a regular loan is the most common type of debt funding. Categorized as short term, long term or a credit line, they can be endorsed by co-signers, secured through collateral or guaranteed by the government.

According to experts, debt funding is a useful strategy, especially for organizations having good credit, along with stable history of revenues, cash flow as well as earnings. However, entrepreneurs with small business should act

Time Share Properties Are Great but Have A Lot Of Added Expenses

It’s a great idea to own a vacation home, even on a time share basis; somewhere to go away leaving behind your daily, busy life. It is something that comes with a lot of responsibility and obligations though. You will be required to pay maintenance either monthly or yearly. Added to that, taxes, brokerage and the costs that you will incur each time you travel there. As long as you are able to enjoy the benefits of the resort and travel there every year then the whole experience is good. There may come a time when for some reason or the other you may not be able to go to the resort anymore or the expenses that the plan incurs may be a burden to your current financial situation. In such instances you may want to go for timeshare cancellation. This though is where the trouble begins and the cancellation process is neither quick nor easy.

Professional Help To Cancel Time Share

Thankfully it is now possible to get professional help to cancel such membership. If we try to go about it alone we will face so many different problems and issues that it will totally discourage us to go through the

4 Advantages of Owning a Credit Card

Do you believe in magic? Do you always wish to have a magic to pay your bills without using cash? Well! You can actually own a magic as a magic card to pay all your bills without using cash and the name of that magic card is Credit Card. Nowadays, almost everyone is known with the credit cards as most of the people own it. This card is a financial instrument which provides a user with an amount of the revolving balance up to a certain limit. More than just replacing Cold Hard Cash, credit card even rewards you for spending frequently. Isn’t it simply amazing?

A Credit card gives you benefits through distinct ways to add the magic in your life. Here are some of them:

1. Accumulate Reward points: Whenever you purchase anything, using a credit card, you earn reward points, which you can accumulate and these points can be used against products or services under the reward program.

2. Get Discounts: A lot of these cards are co-branded to give the cardholders an additional discount at eateries, retail chains and online stores.


3. Enjoy cash back: Just like discounts, cash back will

How to Recover Your Data in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a full-featured accounting software package capable of handling the accounting needs of most small and big business establishments. Using this software, a business owner can keep all the information of vendors and customers. It is used to maintain expenses and sales in an easy-to-retrieve database. If the stored data is lost, there are several covery methods that are available that may restore your previous nformation instantly.

Error Lookup

Once the files stored in QuickBooks is corrupted, some features of the program will stop functioning in the proper manner. You might not be able to open or edit invoices and company files. Balance sheet total may be incorrect or the desired files might be missing from the database. If QuickBooks reports error, in this case, an instant solution may be available through the support site. By looking up the error on the website, you may figure out a detailed instruction to resolve the issues you are experiencing with the database.

Determining Database Damage

If no precise or specific error is reported by QuickBooks, then in this case troubleshooting of the database is required. You should copy the database onto a test system with a new installation of QuickBooks to confirm that the database

Strengthening Survival Confidence with Social Security Retirement Benefits

Old age calls for redundant worries and tensions. Moreover, you are no longer in the best of state to work and earn for yourself. Those who have been born between the years of 1946 to 1964 are generally referred to as baby boomers. US government have specified social security program mainly of this section of the population and even for others. Thus, through the Coaching for Baby Boomers the blessed ones can make a fair idea regarding the sort of benefits they are to receive, and what actually they are entitled to in the form of Social Security Retirement Benefits. This is all about acquiring a benefit amount to stay socially sound and protected.

Judging the Eligibility Factor

Based on the plan of Social Security Retirement Benefits you can definitely enjoy some of the best assistances in life. For the kind of benefit you need to make an application in time. If you don’t apply for the benefit you would never receive the specified amount. To consider yourself as an eligible candidate for the benefit, your entire work history is taken into account. You need to work approximately for 35 years in totality for acquiring Retirement income at the right point of

How to Manage Festive Season Spending

With the festive season looming, it is nearly impossible to resist the urge to spend one’s income without giving it proper thought. Though the “work hard, play hard” mantra certainly makes you feel as though you have the right to reward yourself after a long year at the office, the imminent consequences resulting from senseless spending can leave you neck-deep in debt.

It is always wise to heed advice before throwing caution (or rather, cash) to the wind. A recent survey conducted by the South African Savings Institute (SASI) indicates that credit card debt becomes more prevalent during the holiday season. This is thanks to the time-passing activities that envelope us whilst in “festive spirit” mode.

One of a few ways in which to curb unscrupulous festive spending is to draw up a holiday budget that you (as a consumer) need to stick to no matter the unsavoury urge to splurge. In addition, one can also rely on a personal loan to help consolidate one’s spending during the holidays.

Setting up a financial contingency plan is essential and can save you the stress that usually follows once the festive season has passed.

*To further

Be Stress Free With Professional Bookkeeping Service

Entrepreneurs know the value of proper financial bookkeeping, however, with so much to take care of it often impossible to uphold it. Though an essential part for any business, this is a highly droning time-consuming service and need focused attention and concentration, which is tough for considering that a lot of business activities as ignored. In addition, hiring a permanent accountant is actually expensive especially in Australia especially in areas like Brisbane, as it includes quite a few other costs like training expenses, payroll taxes, barring the high salary.

Be stress-free and save money with time

Therefore, to make sure that the accounts are up to date, outsourcing bookkeeping service can be the smartest way out as it reduces the hiring costs along with other extra expenses. In fact, by availing a professional bookkeeping company, the biggest advantage is that the work is done in prescribed time frames without any delay. It helps a business entrepreneur to ponder on more vital aspects of the business. Also, outsourcing expert help saves up to forty to sixty percent in market analyst costing. The accounting experts have sensible training knowledge in accounts management and, therefore, are known to deliver

Online Credit Card Processor

An online credit card processor is any gateway or service that is offered to retailers and companies via a third-party organization. This is when any purchase made through a credit card should managed properly and instantly by the service provider through the internet.

Most of the credit card service suppliers are often called as the credit card payment entryway because of their manner in opening a more convenient method of processing all credit card transactions. By deciding to employ an online credit card processor, a business or a retailer enables himself of supplying the needs of its customer while giving them a variety of options to purchase their products by simply picking their chosen product by a click in the mouse. This is the most convenient manner that a merchandiser can offer to its clients and valued customer. Truly, there is nothing that can defeat the power of the internet to maneuver all available resources.


Any business owner or a merchandiser who wants to have the most out of the resources he has for the business would want to employ an online credit card processor

Should Young People See a Financial Planner

Most young people who are just starting out don’t have a lot of money to save or invest – much less pay a professional to advise them. But some experts say financial guidance at a young age is worth the cost. Yuval Bar-Or, founder of The Light Brigade, an Ellicott City, Md.-based company that offers financial literacy consulting, says financial planners are a good resource because they can examine your complete financial picture. “A planner can help by using their knowledge … to come up with a game plan. For all investors – certainly young ones – it’s a very good idea unless you feel that you can do it on your own,” he says.

First, a word about financial planners and advisors. An investment advisor recommends products to clients, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds and often manages their portfolios. Planners take a broader look at your finances – they also consider things like savings, debt, and taxes and often offer suggestions concerning budgeting, estate planning and education savings. Most planners are investment advisors as well, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission, but don’t assume that an investment advisor is also a planner.

5 Things Your Broker or Financial Adviser Isnt Telling You

I spent nearly 15 years in financial services, with close to half of that time in online brokerage. During that time, I spoke with everyone from retail investors to CEOs dealing with the Great Recession in 2007 and 2008.

My biggest takeaway was how many people are financially unprepared. I expected a lack of financial literacy and a lack of funds. I didn’t expect the subtly predatory practices by some brokers and advisers. This isn’t an indictment on the industry (there are some great advisers out there who put their clients’ needs first), but rather some background before I let you know the five most important things your broker isn’t telling you.

1. They’re There to Sell to You

This really shouldn’t be much of a shocker, but sadly, it is. Many brokers exist to do one thing -– sell to you. Whether they’re the person answering the phone when you call your online broker or someone higher up the food chain, they’re compensated to sell to you. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it can cause a conflict of interest or put you in a product that doesn’t fit your needs.

That said, good advisers or brokers can put you

Avoid bad financial advice and see better returns

If you want to make money with your own money, be wary of those who want to take over the effort. After all, personal money managers and financial advisers receive their compensation based on how much you have invested with them — not on the performance of those investments.

Which, if you think about it, is real-time crazy. Do normal working stiffs get promotions every year for doing below-average work? Of course not — and neither should your financial adviser.

There are many areas to consider when investing that hard-earned money: how diversified your money is, how long you have until retirement (your “horizon”), how much money you actually have invested and your penchant for taking — or not taking — risks.

Always be wary about outside parties that give different advice for investing your money. After all, do they want to generate fees for themselves or put your interests and needs first, even if it does not mean immediate income for them? Ask yourself these questions, and don’t let someone put other questions ahead of these:

  • Why should I put my money into this investment, based on how far away I am from my retirement age?
  • How

The Real Life Secrets of Millionaires

Several years ago, New York Times Wealth Matters columnist Paul Sullivan opened up his finances to a group of high-powered, high-net worth investors known as Tiger 21. Members gather regularly to discuss investing strategies and at one meeting, Sullivan asked them to critique his own – relatively meager by their standards – financial life.

Given what I do, I thought [my wife and I] had a handle on it, but what I learned from that meeting is that we hadn’t thought enough about the risks in life,” Sullivan says. Those risks include declining incomes and the unexpected death or disability of a household wage earner. As a result of that meeting, Sullivan and his wife took out life and disability insurance policies and sold off a condo in Florida that had been a vacation home for the family.

“They were so direct and harsh about that being a possible drain, if we weren’t able to sell it if something bad happened. That was a wake-up call,” Sullivan says.

The lessons he absorbed from that wealthy, exclusive group of over 300 members across the U.S. and Canada led

Millionaires Before 30 Smart Finance Skills or Dumb Luck

KC Beavers was only months out of his 20s when he realized his net worth was over $1 million.
Far from being the son of a CEO or celebrity, Beavers’ path to wealth was through frugal living and smart finance decisions. While running a photography equipment startup, Beavers and his wife spent little and worked a lot.

“It was funny because it was not some big, amazing day,” says Beavers, now 36, who blogs about personal finance at GenXFinance.com from Rochester, New York. “It just happened all so gradually, it was just kind of a, ‘Wow, we actually have a lot.'”

Others like Beavers claim they reached millionaire status before turning 30 through disciplined savings and work ethic.

“It’s always about work ethic,” says Fred Schebesta, co-founder and director of the Australian personal finance site finder.com.au and recently launched finder.com in the U.S., who became a millionaire at age 26 after selling his first startup. “You work hard, live frugally and never, never, never give up.”

Despite these tales of success, the current economy is one of the least promising for young

4 Strategies for Stock Investors After the Fed Holds Rates Steady

Unless you’ve had your head under a rock, you probably heard the Federal Reserve didn’t change its interest rate policy at its meeting last week. Now that the dust has settled and the TV talking heads have quieted down, let’s take a look at what the still ultralow interest rate environment could mean for stock investors.

The bull market in stocks is not over. The current rising trend in U.S. stocks began at the March 2009 low in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index. While concerns about a slowdown in Chinese economic growth and what that could mean for the U.S. economy have triggered significant volatility in U.S. equity markets in recent weeks, the stock market bull is not dead yet, analysts say.

Even when the Federal Reserve does finally increase the federal funds rate from its ultralow zero to 0.25 percent, where it has been stuck since December 2008, the end of the rising equity trend will not be at hand. “There have been nine rate hike cycles since 1950. In eight of the nine cycles, stocks are up an average of 10 percent in the year after the first rate hike,” says John Canally,

5 Ways to save significant money

Ask people about one of the first monthly bills they’d like to cut and cable will most likely come up. With the average cable bill just under $125 per month, it’s no surprise that many of us would rather squash it.

The good news is that getting rid of that monthly expense is not only possible, but it’s relatively easy to do. The market is full of options to cut the cable cord and still get much of the content for a fraction of the cost. Recent studies reveal nearly 10 percent of TV subscribers cut the cord in 2014. If you want to remove the cable bill from your monthly budget, consider some of the below options to save significant money.

Digital Antenna

A digital antenna is key for many who cut the cord as it allows you to access local network channels. Some networks let you stream content online, though not all do. Plus, antennas don’t cost much.

According to Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of the website Making Sense of Cents, she recently cut her cable bill completely and replaced it with a $50

Take the Seinfeld Approach to Market Volatility and Do Nothing

The excitement! The Dow drops 1,000 points in an hour. Market volatility is back. How fortunate the “experts” (few of whom predicted any of this) are here to counsel us.

And what an abundance of advice from which you can choose: You should buy gold. Understand the bull market is over. The financial crisis is spreading worldwide. U.S. default is imminent. Flee to safety (when did we hear that one before?).

An Investors Business Daily article opined that “when the market struggles, stock investors don’t have much recourse but to cut their exposure to stocks.”

My personal favorite are the columns telling you which stocks won’t be affected and now represent “buying opportunities”. When the markets were going up, I didn’t see advice about which stocks should be sold “now” since the run-up represented a “selling opportunity.”

Can you sense the urgency? Obviously, you must do something now! There’s no time to lose.

Back to the Basics

This is all errant nonsense, which is not surprising given the dubious qualifications of the “experts” dispensing this advice.

If you really need to take action “now”, it’s because your trusted broker or adviser has you in a portfolio that’s not suitable for your risk tolerance and investment

Theres a reason friendly financial advice is free

Despite having the best intentions, giving advice doesn’t always go the way you planned. Especially if it’s telling your sister to how to invest her 401(k), only to find out your sage advice caused her to lose 25% of her retirement fund.

It’s a fine line you must tread when deciding whether you should pipe up with financial advice or just keep you mouth shut and nod sympathetically.

Experts say there are a few instances when your course of action is clear: if a person is in danger from financially self destructing (gambling away their savings, spending compulsively, etc.) then you should speak up, no matter what.

However, relationship expert Susan Newman says general advice giving, about how much to save, where to bank or how to trim a budget, can lead you down a slippery slope. “Even good advice can injure or ruin a relationship because it might not be right for the recipient,” Newman said. It also might not be wanted.

To sidestep a financial advice faux pas, experts suggest considering these nuggets:

Catch the clues.

A person who’s always saying “What am I going to do?” might not be asking for advice. Their questions may be rhetorical and not

3 Value Stocks to Buy in a Volatile Market

The past few weeks have seen huge jumps in the level of market volatility as investors have seesawed between bullishness and bearishness on a near-daily basis. The Chicago Board Options Exchange volatility index (ticker: VIX), a measure of market volatility, hit a 52-week high on Aug. 24. Many large-capitalization U.S. stocks find themselves trading 5 percent to 10 percent lower than where they were just a few weeks ago. Although their fundamentals have not changed, many of these stocks now find themselves “on sale” and may represent a buying opportunity for patient, long-term investors.

We’ll use the principles of value investing to search for stocks that now appear undervalued as a result of the recent decline in U.S. equity prices.

Principles of value investing. Value investing as an investment discipline is not a set of hard-and-fast rules. Rather, it is a set of principles that have been laid down over time by some of the world’s greatest investors. We are looking for companies matching the following principles of value investing:

  1. Find companies with a long-term track record of growing revenue and earnings per share. Rather than being concerned with the last quarter’s earnings, value investors